@AOL FROM EMAIL’s No Longer Deliverable

As of April 2014, AOL made a change to their DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) records, which could affect your email marketing deliverability.

The cliff-notes version: AOL will no longer allow an email sent from a @yahoo.com email address into their servers if the email was not sent from within aol (for full techy-details click here).

What does that mean for your Campaigns?

Customers using an email service provider (like Mail Dog) should no longer use a @aol.com email address as the FROM EMAIL when sending a campaign.

AOL will recognize the message as not truly originating from within the AOL.com servers and block any email from being delivered to other @aol.com email addresses.

If you typically send campaigns using a @aol.com FROM EMAIL address, please change to a different from email address. You can either set-up a new email address within your website domain (ie: info @ company.com) or you can open another free email address at any other online email service like Gmail or Hotmail.

Aol.com is not commenting on whether this is a permanent change or if they will allow for advanced whitelisting overriding this rule. For now, the only option for best deliverability to @aol.com emails is to conform to their new standard.

To read more technical details on this matter, check out “A brief DMARC primer” by AOL postmaster.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know.