Boot Camp: New Client Initiation

Mail Dog’s New Client Initiation Boot Camp is packed full of everything you need to know about your new Mail Dog account. This series of messages are designed to create in you a lean, mean marketing machine.

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Day #1: Prepare Subscriber Database

The Mail Dog platform is flexible enough to accommodate your company’s list requirements, whether you manage your lists in your own database and need to be able to import and export with ease or whether you need a centralized place to manage your subscribers, we’ve got you covered.

Day #2: Create Message Content

Whether you’re using your own HTML, want to choose from over 250 public gallery templates, create mobile email versions, landing pages or RSS feeds, with Mail Dog’s powerful tool set you’ll have everything you’ll need to manage all your content from A to Z.

Day #3: Schedule and Launch Campaign

Campaign management tools give you the power to create new campaigns customizing the all-important email header, choosing to include personalization tags, selecting any date or time in the future to send, even sending a copy of your campaign to our Campaign Booster tool so that you can understand how it will fare with spam filters and see how it will look to inboxes across the web.

Day #4: Post-Campaign Tracking Tools

Real-time reports reveal emails delivered, opened, and clicked, but more importantly who opened, who clicked, what links they clicked on, when they clicked, if your message was referred to a friend, who unsubscribed and how your campaign fared over the course of its lifetime. Bounce Management tools help you keep your list squeaky clean and as high-performing as possible.

Day #5: Advanced Tricks & Tips

We like to think of it kind of like a swiss army knife, where you may not use all the tools every day, but you have what you need when the time is right. Here are a few of our favorite tools and tricks to help you get the job done after you’ve nailed the basics.