Image Slice vs Map: How to Hyperlink One Image to Multiple URLs

In addition to using Mail Dog’s Templates and Wizard to create HTML emails, clients can also choose upload one solid image as their entire email design. While we don’t necessarily recommend this method (we’ll explain why in a bit) it is an option and once loaded you can choose to hyperlink your image if needed. But, what happens if you need to hyperlink multiple locations on that solid image to different web URLs?  Continue Reading →

Custom HTML Message: Insert your own HTML Message

While Mail Dog offers over 240+ templates and an integrated Wizard system for easy creation of your email messages, some clients prefer to be more hands on. Clients also have the ability to upload their own custom HTML code into the Message section. With a simple copy and paste of your HTML code and insertion of images, you can be up and running with your own HTML email in no time. Continue Reading →

HTML Editor: Formatting Text and Images

Beautify your email message with the integrated HTML Editor. Even if you can’t spell H-T-M-L you can beautify and format your email message to your heart’s delight. From text placement and formatting (font face and size) to image and file hosting to inserting social media share tools and send to a friend links, the HTML Editor will create all the HTML code you need. Continue Reading →