Connect your Survey to an Email Message

The form or survey code will not work if embedded into an email message, as most inbox’s will break or strip out the form code from being submitted. Instead, you need to include a “click here” hyperlink from the email to where the survey is hosted online. Learn how to connect your survey to an email message.

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Sample Survey Forms

The Form and Survey Publisher is awesome for generating RSVP forms, customer satisfaction surveys, feedback forms, even integrated payment options to sell merchandise and more. Get inspired with these survey samples …

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Embed Your Survey Online

Once your survey is created the last step is to decide how the users will access the survey. There are lots of embed and hosting options depending on how you would like the survey experience to be. Continue Reading →

How to Import Survey Results into Mail Dog List

All results collected from the Form and Survey Publisher Tool are stored online inside your survey account and easily exportable in a variety of ways. By adding a permission statement requesting the ability to add the respondents email to your opt-in email lists, you can easily export the emails into a CSV file to upload into your Mail Dog account.  Continue Reading →

View & Export Survey Results

All the data gathered from a survey/form is stored inside your My Dog Surveys account. The Reports tool allows you to export your submissions in multiple ways: excel or csv, grid report, html table listing, rss listing or visual report building. Continue Reading →

Integrating Payment Options into your Survey

Services such as PayPal or Google Checkout allows you to collect payments from your web sites. What they don’t provide is integrated payment forms where you can ask any kind of questions to the buyer. For example, if you are selling a service, you would want customers to enter details about the work that needs to be done.The Form and Survey Publisher Tool allows you to setup payment integrated forms in minutes using a step by step wizard.  Continue Reading →