Platform Upgrades

We are constantly at work making sure Mail Dog is the best, most fully featured (and easy to use) email marketing platform around. That means we are constantly hard at work making tweaks and upgrades. Some you might never notice and others might be just what you were waiting for. Learn firsthand all the new upgrades and changes to your Mail Dog account.

Two New Templates

December 07, 2012 – Platinum 10A and 10B is the perfect duo for the professional minded this holiday season, whether you are in need of a single or double column template we’ve got you covered.

Image Map Editor

December 05, 2012 – New Image Map Tool allows you to “map” one solid image to multiple URLs. Great for quick emails with custom designs. Learn more.

Bad Email Suppression

October 10, 2012 – Bad emails are automatically flagged and suppressed from all lists. Learn more.

Drag & Drop Survey Publisher

September 20, 2012 – A new Form & Survey Publisher is released. This add-on tool is perfect for Mail Dog clients looking to generate RSVP forms, customer satisfaction surveys, feedback forms, even integrated payment options to sell merchandise and more.  Learn more.

Integrated Image Editor

August 21, 2012 – A new Image Editor has been integrated into the Wizard and Image Library giving clients the ability to easily edit images as needed.  Learn more.

Clear Feature Option

August 20, 2012 – A “Clear Feature” option has been added to the Wizard to remove all that feature’s contents at one time.

Captcha Added to Referral (Send to a Friend) Form

July 9, 2012 – For security upgrades, the Referral (Send to a Friend) Form now comes with a captcha field requiring the user to enter the code prior to forwarding on the email.

New Navigation & Layout

June 18, 2012 – Your account has a new look! The new top navigation bar and sub-navigation tabs offer improved organization and a brand new style.  Learn more.

HTML Editor Upgrade

March 26, 2012 – All clients now have an upgraded HTML Editor inside their message tool set. The new Editor is (way) more user friendly, intuitive, compatible with all browsers, and ‘smart’ featuring an amazing HTML clean-up for text pasted from Word and other web pages. Learn more.

Image Library Upgrade

March 26, 2012 – All clients now have an upgraded Image Library which allows you to easily host unlimited images inside your account and organize them into various folders, including uploading multiple images at once, as well as, the ability RESIZE images right inside the account! Learn more.

File Library Upgrade

March 26, 2012 – Pro and ProPlus clients have an upgraded File Library and the ability to host documents like Word, Excel and PDF files inside your account, organize with folders and even upload multiple documents at once! Learn more.

Stock Gallery Loaded into Image Library

March 20, 2012 – FREE Stock Gallery is images have been loaded into all account’s Image Library. Choose from hundreds of free images for use within your email messages. Learn more.

Account Page Update

Feb 27, 2012 – The Account page has been upgraded with a new style and layout. Learn more.

Account Features Page Update

Feb 27, 2012 – The Account Features page has been updated for all clients within the Account section. See your current plan’s tool set and upgrade plans as needed.
Learn more.

New Client Boot Camp Email Series

Jan 25, 2012 – New Client Initiation Boot Camp is packed full of everything you need to know about your new Mail Dog account. This series of messages are designed to create in you a lean, mean marketing machine. Learn more.

New Client Orientation Video

Jan 15, 2012 – Are your new to Mail Dog? Watch our new Mail Dog Orientation video designed to give you a general overview of your new account and start emailing today!
Learn more.

4 New Custom Color Templates Loaded In Public Gallery

December 27, 2011 – Start off 2012 with a new look! 4 NEW Templates with 13+ new color schemes and unlimited color options just launched into the Mail Dog Public Gallery. Learn more.

Auto-Pilot Responders – Back Date Sending Times

December 15, 2011 – You can now schedule your auto responder to go back in time. For example, if you have all the birthday’s for your subscribers in your list, you can set an auto responder to be sent 30 days BEFORE their birth date. Learn more.

Social Media Share Tools – Landing Page Addition

November 7, 2011 – There are now two versions of your social media share tools – one for an email campaign and one for a landing page message. Whether the message you are creating is intended for an inbox or just a supplementary hosted webpage, you can leverage the power of social media sharing to expand your reach. Learn more.

DIY Optin Form Wizard

October, 2011 – Optin forms are the staple of every avid permission marketer. Exciting news…every account now has a wizard loaded in their account to assemble their own form on the fly. Simply login to your account and visit LISTS. In the upper left, you’ll find your new gizmo. As always, support staff is standing by should you have questions or need guidance. Learn more.

Meet R.E.D | Mail Dog’s Rescue & Education Department

September, 2011 – R.E.D. is where you need to be to answer any and all burning Mail Dog’s questions you might have. Here you can review a few FAQs and submit a support ticket online. When in doubt, R.E.D. will come to your rescue!

New List Merge Tool

August, 2011 – Need to combine multiple lists for a master mailing? Well, we just made things a whole lot easier! Mail Dog’s new List Merge Tool, allows clients to combine multiple lists into one using the handy List Merge Tool. When using the “Merge Lists Together” function, you will retain all individual lists and a new, merged list will be generated. Plus, Mail Dog will automatically dedupe the email addresses in the newly merged list.

Centralized Login

July, 2011 – We have centralized our client login to one location. Regardless of which server your Mail Dog account resides on, all clients will now login through the same URL. Feel free to bookmark this page for easy access!

New Mail Dog Website Finally Launched

July, 2011 – We are so happy to announce the new look of Mail Dog. After months of blood, sweat and tears (ha) we have a brand new website revamped to show what Mail Dog has to offer the online marketing world. Whether you’re new to the Dog Yard or an old friend, we’re sure you’ll learn something new about us.

Footer Toolbar

June, 2011 – We’ve launched a new footer toolbar at the bottom of all logged in client pages. Use this toolbar to get help guides, watch video tutorials, chat live with customer support and read our latest Dog news. Enjoy!

New Video Promos Launched

June, 2011 – We just got finished producing 6 new ‘About Mail Dog’ promo videos using Spot, our video slideshow solution. You can view these videos by clicking on the ‘video’ tool in your new footer toolbar OR by visiting our YouTube channel.

Frameless Video Players

May, 2011 – Mail Dog video-enabled clients, now have another video player option to add to their video horizon. These new frameless players display both widescreen or 4:3 videos and are scalable to meet any size requirement for embedding on your website, blog or social network.

FireFox 4 Launched

April, 2011 – Great news – Firefox 4 is here! There are many great improvements to the look and functionality of the newly upgraded Firefox browser. The best improvement is how Firefox integrates with Mail Dog’s HTML editor, specifically the way the font colors work inside the HTML editor. If you have had difficulties changing font colors or working inside the HTML editor, upgrade to Firefox today!

Meet Spot: Our Video Slideshow Solution

April, 2011 – Mail Dog’s new video slideshow solution will turn your photos, video clips, and music into video masterpieces to share with everyone. You can upload your final video slideshow into your Mail Dog video account, as well as on YouTube, Facebook or embed on your website, blog or more.

New Tool: CSV Upload

March, 2011 – Great news! You can now upload a CSV comma delimited (.csv) file in addition to a text tab delimited (.txt) file into Lists. A comma-separated value file (.csv) is another popularly used text document used to store data for uploading into a database.

Mail Dog Yard: Client News & Training Center is Live

February, 2011 – This is the new client portal to learn the in’s and out’s of the Mail Dog system. Whether you’re new to permission email or looking for advanced how-to’s, it’s all here…soup to nuts. Learn how to navigate the platform, best practices, quick-start guides, step-by-step training guides, industry online and email marketing tips and so much more.

Four New Public Gallery Templates Loaded

December, 2010 – To help jump start your 2011 marketing campaigns, we have loaded four band new, 10 feature, convertible, color-choosing templates into your public template gallery: Finesse 10A, Shades 10A, Pointillism 10A, Downtown 10A.

Add Opt-in Form to Facebook

September, 2010 – You’ve got an opt-in form on your website to obtain new subscribers and most likely, you’ve got a company Facebook page (if not, then time to buckle up and jump on board). But, if you’re not adding your opt-in form to your Facebook page, then you’re missing out on new subscribers.Leverage social media AND permission email to connect with your subscribers and grow your business. Yep, it’s quick and easy and a great way to grow your list! Just follow these 4 simple steps and watch the beanstalk grow!  >> Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook “Like” Tool

August, 2010 – The ‘Like’ button lets your users share your content with their friends on Facebook. When someone clicks the ‘Like’ button on your email, a post appears in the user’s feed with a link back to your email newsletter.

The Facebook ‘Like’ tool will appear in your messages Utilities drop-down menu. TIP! You must first select your message before accessing the Utilities menu.

Video Upload and Record Option

July 2010 – Mail Dog Video clients can now manage, upload and record the video content into their own account. The toolset allows you to centralize the upload and storage of all the video files you’ll use in your video players. You can upload and even record your video live with your webcam.

Help Hover Links Added

June, 2010 – We’ve just launch helpful “tips” about every feature inside your account. Simply hover your mouse over the title of the item in question (name, description, folder, etc) for helpful how-to tips.

New Template: Roughthewn 10A

May, 2010 – This custom color, convertible 10 feature template has just been loaded into your public gallery! Check out one of the five color samples!

Dog School: Online Video Tutorials

May, 2010 – Learning the ropes and even a few new Dog tricks yourself, has never been easier. These Dog School Video Tutorials will give a step-by-step view of how to use Mail Dog’s advanced tool kit. From uploading lists to personalization to bounce management, you’ll be a Mail Dog Pro in no time! Watch now!

Campaign Booster Email Preview Updated!

May, 2010 – Campaign Booster email preview now features 22+ email readers (displays both FireFox and IE renders for online inboxes). Also includes previews for mobile devices such as IPhone, and Blackberry Curve. See sample report

‘Ignore Year’ Option Added to Auto-Pilot Responder Campaigns

May, 2010 – When scheduling an Auto-Pilot Responder campaign you now have the option to ignore the year which resides in the Origin Date. Choosing to ‘Ignore Year’ will send the email campaign on the same month and day of the current year (and sequential years)  automatically.

Image Links Added to Wizard

April, 2010 – Make your logo and images clickable inside the Wizard! Simply enter the link you want images, when clicked, go to in the Image URL field. Be sure to use the full path of the link (ex: http://www…) and save. You can check the links right from the preview window.

New Report Filtering Tool: Responder Campaigns

April, 2010 – The default view of your main reporting page has a new filtering tool in the drop-down menu selector. Choose to view your Auto-Responder campaigns in their own view. Or, view all campaigns with one click. In any case, they have been removed from the default view for more friendly reporting!

Disclaimer Page Update

April, 2010 – Clients can now add custom text to both the Referral Page and Unsubscribe Page. Add additional comments or text translations on both the Send-to-a-Friend and Subscription Preferences page. To update go to Account > Account Disclaimer and insert your custom text into the appropriate fields. Update and preview as needed.

Account Activities Update

April, 2010 – The account activity page was updated to display the Campaign Name, Campaign ID and target (recipients number) for easy organizing and reporting past campaign activity.

New Templates Added

March, 2010 – Stick 4A, Synchronicity 10A and Tab-o-Rama 10A were added into the public gallery.

Image Library Folders Updated

March, 2010 – You can now create folders within your Image Library to easily manage and store all the images inside your account! To use, access your Image Library (via the HTML Editor) by selecting the “insert/modify image icon.” Once inside your Library user the “New Folder” icon to create a new folder within the Library, open the created folder and upload images as normal. TIP! you cannot move existing images into a new folder.

Auto-Pilot Responder Campaigns Update

February, 2010 – Auto-Pilot Responders were updated to allow for a “0” to be set as the origin date.

Creative Resource Help Update

January, 2010 – Web 2 PDF Converter added to the Mail Dog Creative Resources Help section. Web 2 PDF Convert offers free online tool to convert any webpage (or landing page url) into a pdf.

“View” Link Added to Messages in Campaigns

December, 2009 – When selecting the name of a message to send in a Campaign or an Auto-Pilot responder, you can now “view” to see a sample of the message selected.

Campaign Boosters are Back

November, 2009 – The campaign booster tool is back and sports new features and quicker turn-around time designed to turbo-charge your campaigns! Campaign Booster Reports provide a pre-flight view of how your message will fare with spam filters and how it looks to the variety of email readers on the market today.

Auto-Pilot Responder Campaigns

October, 2009 – Auto-Pilot Responder leverages powerful personalization features and unlimited series and messages within a series to maximize your relationship with your subscribers. Setup is a snap. Running them is completely hands-off!

Boot Camp 101: Back to Basics Launched

October, 2009 – This 6-week training camp will show you all the tips, tricks and tools you need to get started with your Mail Dog account. Whether you’re a newbie or been around the Dog yard for years, you can still catch up on the basics of Mail Dog … you never know what you might learn.

34 New Templates Launched

September, 2009 – 34 new templates have just been launched in the public gallery. You’ll find templates featuring custom color, custom mastheads and swanky new designs. With names like Sweep, Torn, Gradient, Letters and Baroque what more could you ask for?

Social-Share Media Tools

September, 2009 – Get a little viral and let your subscribers help spread the love! Add referral tags like Stumble Upon, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and of course Send to a Friend to your message. Social Media icons can be found the Utilities drop-down menu at the bottom of your Messages page. TIP! You must first select your message before accessing the Utilities menu.

New Template Launched

August, 2009 – Just added Keen 10A into the public gallery! And its a custom color template, so the skies the limit on this one! The custom color templates are especially versatile because you can match your template to your unique company colors giving a swanky custom look.

Mobile Friendly Versions

July, 2009 – With mobile devices on the rise, savvy companies need to tailor messages to their target audience. Mail Dog clients can now send a 3rd version of their email using simple html tags for improved rendering in high-tech mobile iPhone and BlackBerry devices!

Dog Blog Launched

June, 2009 – New online resource for marketers is live! Mail Dog’s Blog is launched and chock-full of useful information. Whether you’re a client or a prospective “Dog” just checking out the yard, you’re sure to find interesting tips to put the bark in your marketing bite!

Folder Name Management Upgrade

June, 2009 – Easily manage your accounts folders with the new Folder Management. Just select the “view all lists” or “view all message” link.

Creative Help Tools Added

April 2009 – New resources have been added to the Help section. Check out the latest!

Zamar – Free online tool that converts files without having to download software. Great for creating pdf files (so you can host them in your Mail Dog account and link to them from your email newsletters) as well as converting excel, word and other music, text and image formats.

Picnik – Free online photo editing tool is a snap to use. Don’t have Photoshop? No problem. Picnik is like a walk in the park! There is also an advanced pro account for a small fee, but the basic package is great.

File Library

February, 2009 – The File Library allows you to upload and store multiple types of files inside your Mail Dog account. No longer worry about ‘attaching’ files or running down your IT department, you can link to a Word, PDF or Excel file right inside your HTML Editor or from the main Messages page.

Website Upgrade! New Tools: Video, RSS, More!

April, 2009 – Mail Dog has a new house! It’s filled with new and cool tools to make your permission marketing even quicker and faster. Plus, there’s a few new Dog tricks that will spark up sales like nobody’s business!

You’ll notice many changes when you next login but fear not, the basic orientation is still pretty much the same. However, you will notice many new tools and options for lists, images, asset management, bounces, RSS, analytics and much more.

But the really big news is a brand new suite of online video tools. Yes, you can now add high-quality video to your website with the same ease and powerful tool-set that you’ve become accustomed to with Mail Dog.

So, please take a few minutes to explore all of the new and cool. Feel free to call your Dog handler to learn more about the new tools (Help Pages have been updated too).

Online Video

Clients can now stream live video from their website or Mail Dog landing page. Adding a video player to your collection of tricks is the best way to become top dog in the marketing world!

RSS Feed

Mail Dog launches one-click RSS Publishing! RSS (real simple syndication) becomes SSS (super simple syndication) for clients.